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So of all the things I’ve done, classes I’ve taken, certifications I’ve worked for, and classes I’ve taught, by far the most challenging thing I’ve done has been paramedic school. We are by no means done, but as I look at the schedule posted on the wall next to me, I see that I have about 3.5 weeks of class left with new material. There’s 5.5 weeks of the semester left then finals week. During the last 1-2 weeks, we study for our comprehensive final. Whew!

I say this has been the most challenging, but not the hardest thing I’ve ever done, because of the myriad of ways that I’ve been challenged. The obvious one is the course work. There’s so much to learn, remember, and apply; so much that it seems overwhelming and huge, but everyone in my class has done it! We’ve survived the weekly exams, skills tests, quizzes, projects, drug sheets, discussion posts, and countless hours spent reading and studying. I’m not 100% sure how we did it, but it’s happened so far. The end is now in sight and we buckle down for the final stretch.

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Friday, 29 August 2014 00:00

Week 1 - Patience

This past week has marked the transition from summer time into school time. This past summer has been interesting in many ways not the least of which has been the fact that it marked the first full year since I moved from California. Over this summer, I’ve had a chance to become more acquainted with the state of New Mexico and the new place I call home. I didn’t have a lot to do over the summer, but the things I did do included teaching at EMSA, reading for this class, and in general getting rest since I knew I would get less of it once this class began.

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