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Thursday, 15 January 2015 00:00

Keep on keeping on...

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Well well well…..the common words of any blog are about to be uttered. “I haven’t posted anything for a while. I got really busy.” Yeah, I know it’s a cliché, but can you really blame me? Let’s recap what’s happened in the past 6 months. I entered paramedic school, dealt with exams every week, began working  911 ambulance in New Mexico, taught a college class, got a girlfriend, went home to California, prepped for another semester of paramedic, and…didn’t blog much. All in all a pretty busy 6 months. I guess it came down to important things to me and paramedic school won out….and the girl. Yeah, those two things won out. But here we are! So let’s read on.
What was 2014? Well, it was a year. Beyond that, I think it was crazy. It was the first full calendar year I spent in New Mexico. A significant milestone for anyone is probably their first full year after they have moved out. I’m not exactly self-sufficient at this point, but I have realized what I feel is only a small part of how great my family is. Specifically my parents. Let’s see, they’ve been married for now over 30 years. Sadly, in today’s culture, that’s a huge milestone. I’m incredibly blessed to have examples of true love and rock solids marriages on both sides of my family. This leads me to have a better grasp, at my tender age, of what it takes to make things go and last. But that’s another topic. The main reason for this is to thank my parents in some small way for the sacrifices they continue to make for me to attend school and live here in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Paramedic school….what can be said about that…? Hmm, well, it’s hard. It’s the hardest academic task I’ve ever undertaken. 100-120 question exams each week. Sometimes 2-3 a week. You have to be dedicated to put yourself through this. But it’s an incredible feeling to learn and understand more that you ever have before. I can honestly say that I have learned more in the past 6 months of school that I did in the past 2 years. It truly does change your perspective on life and the activities you undertake each day. It’s also a truck load of fun! The friendships that have formed with my classmates are great; I love getting to go through lab with them each week and begin putting things into practice that we’re learning from textbooks and lectures. I’ve also learned how important it is to have a good support group when you undertake a challenge. The biggest is my girl….

Ah my Casey! She’s amazing! She’s an EMT as well and is now working as an EMT on an ambulance as well. I’m so incredibly proud of her and even more as she looks to undertake paramedic school this coming fall. Being in it now causes me to question her sanity a bit though. :D She went with me back to California after Christmas and got to meet my family. The first day of that was a bit of a surprise overload, but she got over it and really fit into the…unique group that is the Bland Clan. I look forward to many, many, many more years with her. She’s such a great support to me. I love her more than I could ever say.
The coming year bring with it more paramedic classes, clinicals, internship, paramedic graduation, and then into my last year of school. I’m looking forward in many ways to being done with it all. I’ll be posting a lot more about that as time progresses, but for now I’ll just say that I’m excited for everything and reveling in the experience of it all.


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