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Friday, 29 August 2014 00:00

Into the fire....and ice...and I DIDN'T DIE ice skating!!!

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Wow, what a rush these first two weeks of medic school have been! It’s been this mixture of crazy amounts of work and sheer boredom to motivate myself to keep reading in yet another book about pathophysiology. Each week, I have ended up reading for about 10 hours on average and then on top of that are the hours I’ve spent studying what I’ve read, watching lectures, finishing assignments, 12 hours of lab each week, and teaching my own class. This is intense, but it is rewarding. Outside of my class work I do maintain a social life with my girlfriend, the amazing and wonderful woman that she is, who, incidentally, has also been helping me study pharmacology (THANK YOU! Do you have any idea what you’ve gotten into?).

There's also been time for great personal things. The picture on the left was a double date the included my favorite thing: My girlfriend, friends, cooking, cookies, and learning something new (Ice skating....covered below). 

Now…some personal thoughts (Click "


I went ice skating for the first time last Sunday. Fell once I’m proud to say. My girlfriend is an amazing skater and a real professional. I will never be a figure skater, but I want to at least become proficient and staying upright and be able to enjoy it and have fun. Thus, I will keep going. I refuse to be defeated by shoes and cold water!!!

Skating was SO much harder than I expected. The sheer concentration I had to give simple staying upright, let alone moving anywhere useful, was staggering. I was sweating like crazy in an ice-cold rink from it. After the first hour I began to relax a bit more and kinda started moving…I don’t think you can call what I was doing skating though. Not yet…

As I mentioned in my last journal entry, I’m trying to make sure I devote time each day to getting proper exercise and eating right. We were all told that we would end up being sick in week before finals; this is an expectation which I REFUSE to give in to. Proper diet and exercise should help prevent stress related sickness as will proper time management.

Finally, my own class at UNM is going well. I love teaching that class, HED 164L, and the students are varied and make discussions interesting because they all have different perspectives. Believe it or not, the class also helps cement basic principles into my mind because I cover a lot of the same stuff in this class that we’ve been covering on my paramedic classes. I feel a bit sorry for my students because they are subjected to my voice for an hour and a half at a time, but it’s a lot of fun for me to do!

So, for now, back to work and I’ll see everyone next time.

~Nathaniel Bland

The Blackbelt Medic

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