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Friday, 29 August 2014 00:00

Week 2 - Insanity

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Week 1 wasn't horribly hard, but it was trying. This week was crazy with the amount of reading and watching I've done: hours and hours of watching videos and reading book chapters. I feel like I've learned a lot and come a good distance this week. Though, one class is giving me more trouble than the others.

I think the biggest thing has been self-discipline to do work each day. Even if it’s only 3 hours, as I’ve done that each day it has made the work be much more manageable. I’ve also found that breaks in the studying to do something different have really helped. After a few hours, I like to go to the gym and workout for an hour or so. Sometimes it’s hard to convince myself to go do it, but it keeps me healthy which is huge in this course! I refuse to get sick on my professors timeline of early December, so I’m keeping a proper diet and keeping up with exercise. (Click "Read More")

Each class I’m taking is unique. Prehospital Ops is pretty straight-forward and so is cardio, and medical assessment. I’m not saying their easy, but the subjects connect with me and I already have knowledge of these topics which I feel like has helped me a lot. However, my course on pharmacology is absolutely scaring me. The thing is basically ALL memorization from what I can tell, and I really don’t know how I’m going to memorize ALL those drugs by the end of the semester. But, little bits at a time, and I will succeed!

With the first exam approaching next Wednesday, I’m doing even more studying so that I can, hopefully, start off well with the exams. I know the first exam is usually the lowest because no one knows what to expect or exactly what to study, but I’m still aiming high! Not all of my books are here yet, which is a struggle, but I can manage with these for the time being.

I’m looking forward to doing things in lab in the coming weeks which are new. I’ve spent the last 6 months teaching EMT-B and I’m honestly tired of doing back boarding,  and KED, and gurney operations. I know they are all important, but I’m still looking forward to learning new things!

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